Jonaki Guha

Taboo Teaching

How would you convince an age old society about the new and improved practices of a certain issue? The general rights for women have always been something for a struggle for India, but the rights for deaf and blind women, especially their right to reproductive and sexual education is unheard off.

Talking about a sensitive subject is one aspect of things but tackling a taboo subject like this one is going towards changing mindsets. In such case, communication is key, but that doesn’t mean that it can be adapted by all — sometimes, it helps returning to age old mechanisms to get the idea across. But what would these mechanisms look like today with all the traditionalism engulfed within modernism?

In this particular scenario, the community will be addressed with the help of a term appropriately known as ‘positive propaganda’ adapted from the comic book propaganda of World War 2. From social media, to digital posters and banners, spreading the word has never been more convenient but the convincing part is still a challenge.

Taboo Teaching was my senior year thesis. It serves to be an awareness campaign to educate urban and rural India about the importance of sexual education for blind and deaf women.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you’d like to learn more or see the project in it’s entirety.

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