Jonaki Guha
Rubber Stamp MockUp 3.jpg

National Geographic Dynamic Logo

The main focus of this project was to redesign a brand identity while creating a motion dynamic logo based on two data points. I chose National Geographic because of the cultural impact it has had on my childhood and it’s universal appeal, but with the iconoclasm that surrounds it and it’s monogram square identity, I thought it would be interesting to treat this more as a brand refresh for all of it’s rapidly growing digital platforms rather than a complete redesign.

Keeping the above idea in mind, I decided to use color and topography to convey my idea and to bring in that fresh aspect.

Data Points: Theme (color) & Location (topography) of 'Photo of the Day' which changes each day and is presented in all of National Geographic’s digital platforms.

The video below act as a promo video to iterate on my idea and the motion behind it.

business card mockup.jpg
Rubber Stamp MockUp 3.jpg